Dr. Christina Borbely, Ph.D. offers


  • Over fifteen years experience as leader in mental health and wellness promotion

  • Client-centered projects including professional development initiatives, research, and outcome evaluation

  • Operational management of national initiatives for complex service systems

  • Certified mental health literacy trainer

  • Advocate for thriving individuals and teams

Dr. Bo intersects her passion for helping others succeed with her drive for analytics and strategy. She champions your goals and is your partner for results.


Specializing in translating research science into actionable practice, she provides direct training and expertise to public and private sector agencies and administrations. She disseminates mental health curricula, professional development resources, and reports to the field. With an emphasis on real world application of behavioral and mental health sciences, Dr. Bo is a committed partner on a spectrum of projects.

Dr. Bo
hates being photographed but looks somewhat like this stock image

+1 415-683-00Seven3

christina @ cjbconsults dot com

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